The mission of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi National Rescue Trust (CWCNRT) is to ensure permanent, loving homes for purebred Cardigan Welsh Corgis.  We provide the care, health and temperament screening and rehabilitation necessary to them according to their needs.  In support of our mission, we will provide ongoing support to adoptive owners, and information to the general public relating to characteristics and needs of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

It is our profound hope that our work will result in a future where the need for Cardigan rescue will be greatly diminished.

11/07/08 - New listing for Ivy!

11/02/08 -
Liberty has been adopted!

10/27/08 -
New photos of Duke and Liberty!

09/20/08 -
New listing for Liberty

09/05/08 -
Andy has been adopted!

08/22/08 -
New listing for Duke

07/28/08 -
Wall-E and Flash are adopted!

Cardigans age quite gracefully and we often have older dogs available.  See why Senior Dogs make wonderful companions!

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